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When our client moved to the Twin Cities they found a great property on Prior Lake. The spent many months in a rental home while their new home was remodeled from top to bottom.

They installed all new appliances and mechanicals – except for their water system! They didn’t even have a water softener!

After several months in their beautiful “new” home, the water was unbearable. Their new Kitchenaid dishwasher was covered in scale, their skin itched, and they had rust stains in all the new toilets.

They chose Premier Water as we had the only water treatment system that would solve their problems, and we had the experience and reputation to make sure everything was installed to perfection.

Hellenbrand Promate 6 DMT Hybrid System

DMT Hybrid System

Our clients chose the Hellenbrand DMT Hybrid Treatment system. This unique equipment uses a dual chamber tank that incorporates the Promate 6 water softener technology while offering extra protection with filtration. We needed a solution for Prior Lake, MN city water that had:

  • Extremely hard water
  • Unusually high chlorine
  • Trace amounts of iron that was causing staining

The installation took over 60′ of piping to put the DMT system in their 2nd mechanical room. We had to make sure every tap in the home got treated water, without wasting clean water on the yard.

Two weeks after the system was installed we met with our clients to review workmanship and re-test the water. We’re happy to say they can now fully enjoy their new home – including the water!

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